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Welcome to my page

Welcome everyone! I am an awesome Bubs and Coach Z fan around these parts. I love all the Homestar Runner characters but there are 3 of them I don't really like. I have loads of drawings of some Homestar Runner things here [1] Go check it out. Seriously!! Look at my gallery.

One of the awesome guys: Gfdgsgxgzgdrc

I'm very shy and please do not say any mean comments on my page. I'd like it if you use nice comments.


[edit] Random pictures

Oh, why thank you, Cardboard MarzipanYou shanked my jengaship

Everybody, EverybodyMpppphhhhhh Mppphhh Meh

Here comes The ThnikkamanMwahahahahahahahaha!! Marzi is evil

I'm sad that I'm flyingAww... come on. Let's do it for Marzipan

I love you, Bubsywhat the...

I've got these figuresAnd these ones

Aww. He looks so cute doing that

[edit] I do protect birds


I kinda like Spix's Macaws and Peafowls. I quite like a lot of birds really. As you can see, a bird is an important animal in the whole wide world. Whoever agrees that birds shall be protected, leave a comment on my talk page. (Please note: These pictures of birds are not mine. I found them on a Google search)


Thank you

[edit] boxies


[edit] Awesome characters

Roll over the characters to see some funny opinions I think of them

I love you Bubs. My favorite character. He makes me laugh because of his cute teeth.

JEAAAAAAAAOOOOOORRRRBBBB Coach Z. My second favorite character. I love his eyes and his voice.

HOMESTAWWW WUNNOWWWW Homestar Runner. My third favorite favorite character. He may be armless, but he's cute.

Each day we die a little more Strong Sad. My forth favorite character. I so want to cheer him up.

This is me Marzipan. My fifth favorite character. She loves Homestar and they should get married.

Awwwwww Aww. The Cheat is so cute I just want to hug him <3

[edit] My signature


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