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This article is about the common misspelling and running gag. For the character, see Strong Bad.
Monkey D loves Stong Band

Stong Bad and its variants are common misspellings of Strong Bad's name.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email vacation — In an Easter egg, a postcard with Monkey D is shown, his shirt reading "I ♥ Stong Band".
  • Email 50 emails — Matt emails Strong Bad about cool ways to spell different words, beginning his email with "Dear Stong Bad".
  • Arcade GameHomestar Runner misspells "Strong Bad" as "Stong Bah" on the Compy 386, then later comments that "SB" must stand for Stong Bah.
  • Email funny — Strong Bad accidentally types "stongbad_email.exe".
  • Email pom pom — In an Easter egg, Bubs plays a Monkey D card, on which his shirt again reads "I ♥ Stong Band".
  • Email trading cards — The email's subject line is "Trading Stong-gum".
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad mentions the gazebo will say "Congratulations Strong Bad" or, if Strong Mad makes it, "Contagulate, Stong Bag".
  • Destructoid Interview - 16 Jan 2024The Brothers Chaps joke about a potential scenario where "no one remembers who 'Stong Band' is anymore."

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