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Which Homestar Runner character are you?

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Haldo! Welcome to me. Gnome. Of Fury. Ya. I am a rather large fan of H*R, and joined the wiki a bit ago. Now then...


[edit] Some random crap about me

Warning: My memory is extremely unphotographic, so whatever I say happened might not have actually happened. You have been warned.

[edit] How I stumbled across H*R

Well, I was on Wikipedia, another one of my favorite sites, and I was searching for Flash animations. I happened to come across Homestar Runner. I read the Wikipedia article, and it seemed interesting. So I went on the site. I believe the first 'toon I ever saw on the site was A Folky Tale. About the time of the "hooha down your pants" thing, I knew I was hooked. Then I started exploring the site, and eventually...

[edit] I found the wiki

I really don't remember how I found this wedsite (sic), but I know it was right before the NSMC thingamajiggerydoodah. The first edit I made was to the Strong Bad Email page, correcting the number of emails that Strong Bad had answered. Anyway, a couple days after that or something, the NSMC vandal struck. The next time I went there (mind you, I wasn't a frequent visitor yet) I was horrified to find that fateful message:

'Due to circumstances not under our control, anonymous editing and new user registration has been disabled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wha-wha-what??? No anonymous editing? Nooo!! Well, at least I can-- THEY TOOK NEW USER REGISTRATION TOO?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!11oneoneone. Aside from the overreacting, I had to sit idle just looking at the articles, none with my own material. Then, after a while or so, the wiki was open again. Of course, I decided to try registering. All went well, but at the image code, All Went Awry. I hadn't typed in the code correctly.. or at least it said so. Of course, after 384 incorrect type-ins, I was pretty sure there was something wrong. I planned to try again later. 'Course, then I lurked around for a month or two. But now, here I am. I even have a nice little signature, see? Gnome o' Fury That's my nickname, since I'm too lazy to be much more than a HrWiki:WikiGnome. The end.

[edit] Other stuffs about me

I attend 6th grade. I actually skipped a grade (2.5 in mathematics, since I attend Algebra I in a 7th grade classroom). But I'm not going to brag anymore.

[edit] Things I likey

Homestar Runner (duh), Homestar Runner Wiki (double duh), Wikipedia, um, beef stew. I really don't know. Instead, here are some...

[edit] Things I don't likey

Unsanitary public restrooms, anime (also known in some 1970s-ish circles as Japanimation), long movies, children's menus (Ages 5-12?? What 12-year-old cares about dumb food-themed characters?), chipping both front teeth in a bicycle accident (yes, it's happened to me), any insect that--no, just any insect, long division (ever heard of a calculator?), coloring, and, ironically, beef stew.

[edit] For any new visitor

A great way to find stuff you've never seen on H*R: Go up to the random button on the actual website, click it, and watch whatever pops up. The end.

[edit] Guestbook - R.I.P.

Due to circumstances not under my control, guestbooks have been banished from the wiki. Rest in peace.

[edit] And finally, thanx to:

FireBird|Talk, for giving me a handy dandy welcome message
Thunderbird, for helping me with my almost-awesome sig
teeeffoh!, for attempting to help me with my almost-awesome sig
TheThin, for the same reason as Teh Frossty One

[edit] And that's the end of my show, donk.

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