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[edit] I'm Awesome

[edit] Where Exactly Did That Name Come From?

The name Enigma came from years ago when I was writing some Sonic fan-fics. I needed a magical-type character, and I thought that "Enigma" was a good name. When I joined WA and FA1D (see below), I started using the anme more often, and it has since become my username.

Groove Guy came a while ago ('bout '04), when I was on a Mario-themed RP forum. I needed a character, so I looked up Paper Mario characters (I was about to order the game) and there it was: Groove Guy. Being a fan of Shy Guys, I thought that a musical, jester-themed Shy Guy was perfect. It's been my alternate username ever since (occasionally as Paper Groove Guy).

[edit] Who Do I Like?

I'd have to say my favourite characters would be The Cheat ('I'll gnaw your face off!'), Strong Bad, Bubs, Homestar, Coach Z, The KOT, The Knight, and, of course, the good ol' VOIPing Visor 'Bot. And the Cheat Commandoes (especially Crackotage). Actually, I like most of the characters (expect Marzipan).

[edit] Where Do I Go?

I'm a frequenter of Forever and a Day, Worlds Apart and Eternal Enigma (that last one is mine, hence the name). I also have my own deviantART gallery. [ Visit].

[edit] How I Found H*R

Well, it was just after Christmas '05, and me and my brother were using our new plastic rectangles....I mean, lap-top computers, and we went to a forum we frequented. One of the users there's avatar was a picture of The Cheat dressed as Toad in Halloween Potion-ma-Jig. Someone asked him what it was, and he replied by saying it was "The Cheat". He posted the link and I, naturally, went to check it out. After watching the Character videos, I was hooked and I've been a H*R fan ever since.

[edit] How I Found the Wiki

I had just finished wathcing the email homsar and I was wondering, "What exactly is he?" So I went to Wikipedia and looked him up. At the bottom was a link to the wiki. I clicked it and found a veritable encyclopedia of H*R knowledge.

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