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[edit] Why am I here

I was first introduced to Homestar Runner by my dad when he found out that the website was on the Wii's Internet browser and he showed me and my brother Teen Girl Squad Issue 7 because my last name is Tompkins (This is what the T stands for in Ecot) I then found Homestar Runner again by watching Lord Ravencraft's video on the site. I instantly started looking up Homestar on YouTube. I quickly figure out that the site is blocked at my scool but used the Internet Archive to watch emulations of Strong Bad Email. I then get into high school and I'm given a Mac Book. I look up Homestar and the site is unblocked. A month or so passes and the site is blocked again and so is Internet Archive. I start poking around the internet (the first page of homestar runner searched up on Google) and I find the HR Wiki. The rest is written in Sharpie on the bathroom wall of history!

[edit] HR Wiki speed running High scores

(I click the random page button to decide what pages I go to)

Date Nite to Scroll Button Songs 26.84

Sample of Style Too to Guns 23.74

Fan Costume Commentary to X 'em up 35.67

Anvils to Baron Darin Diamonocle 49.21

[edit] Contributions and such

My user page of course!

A minor edit on Everything Else, Volume 1

Caused a sleepwear section to be made in Homestar Runner Other Costumes

Added some page links to Portmanteaus

Made the Hunt The Wumpus pagé

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