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The box of user

Haldo! This be my user page.

My favorite character is Homsar

[edit] Discovery of HR and the wiki

I discovered at the end of 2005 or begginning of 2006. The first thing I saw was -surprise- the first time here? animation!! Am I the only one who did that? About 5 months after I saw HR, I heard about the wiki and decided to visit. I started editing pages in November of 2007.

[edit] Edits

=These were done before I had an account

[edit] "If you are on this list, it means i've heard of you, so you're cool" list

Sorry about the long title

Has Matt? (talk)

TheYellowDart(t/c)-Thanks for the idea!!


it's dot com


— Defender1031*Talk

Homestar-Winner (talk)


AWMPSCE T-E -who's this guy?


And anyone who is visiting my page!

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