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This article is about the cards shown in various toons on the website. For the Strong Bad Email, see trading cards.

There are a number of appearances of trading cards within the world of Homestar Runner. They have mostly appeared in Strong Bad Emails, either as the part of the email or as an Easter egg. The designs and subjects of the cards often tie to a real world trading card idea, such as The Poopsmith's 'Future Stars' card, which references Topps' 'Future Stars' subset in most of their sport card sets, or the 'Whatsit Pile Tikes' which reference the Garbage Pail Kids sticker trading card sets. Also referenced trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering with 'The Beleaguered: Alliance' or anime-related games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon with the '20X6' related cards.


[edit] Sports cards

[edit] "Future Stars" series

[edit] "Biscuit Gravy" series

The Biscuit Gravy cards portray basketball players.

[edit] "Crunk Warriors" series

[edit] "Equipment" series

[edit] Hockey series

[edit] Collectible card games

[edit] 20X6

Styled after the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

[edit] The Beleaguered: Alliance

Styled after Magic: The Gathering.

[edit] Art cards

[edit] Whatsit Pile Tikes

Styled after Garbage Pail Kids.

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