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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during the music video Theme Song Video.

Lyrics Visuals
{music} Home star run go! Cut to outer space, with The Moon, a planet and Earth. Homestar Runner is running around Earth. The only land on Earth is the poles and outline of United States. Earth turns into a blue ball with a star on it and a red stripe.
Homestar run, run Strong Bad throws the ball to Homestar. Homestar kicks it back, hitting Strong Bad, and runs off. Cut to Homestar Runner, who is skating in a wintry environment, in a blue costume with a white star.
Homestar run, run Strong Bad and Homestar Runner are racing slot cars. Strong Bad's car flies off the track and explodes. Strong Bad gets mad and throws his controller down.
Homestar Runner, really great Homestar Runner, ath-a-late Pom Pom is seen in what seems to be a dojo. He's wearing a white-and-red bandana and a black belt. He performs some martial arts moves.
Homestar Runner, Pom Pom too Homestar gives Marzipan a cake. The cake collapses, making Marzipan angry.
Homestar Runner, we love you! Homestar, wearing a swimsuit, dives into a swimming pool.
Homestar run, run Homestar drives a wooden car on a road. Cut to Bubs, dancing at Skatetown, USA with Coach Z and Marzipan watching.
Homestar run, run Cut to King of Town's Castle. The Poopsmith gives The King of Town a plate with whatsit on it, making the King sick and his face turns green.
Homestar Runner, do your best, Homestar Runner, pass the test Cut to Strong Sad, who is tied to a rotating wheel. Strong Bad is standing there, holding a Big Knife. He throws the knife at Strong Sad.
Homestar Runner, Mom and Dad Strong Mad and Strong Bad are standing in The Field. Strong Mad is spilling gasoline on the ground.
Look out, Homestar! It's Strong Bad! The Cheat lights the gasoline with a match. We can see that the gasoline forms words "HOMESTAR STINKS". The words burn, scorching Strong Bad and Strong Mad as well.
Homestar run, run. Pom-Pom and Homestar are sitting in a room, drinking Cold Ones.
Homestar run, run. Homestar run, weekdays! A H*R logo is seen in the distance, pulling back a rubber band. It shoots toward the audience. "Play Again" and "Back" buttons appear; the song is still heard in the background.

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