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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during the DVD version of the music video Theme Song Video. New scenes and effects are boldfaced.

Lyrics Visuals
{music} Home star run go! Open on outer space, with The Moon in the foreground and a ringed planet behind. The camera pans up over the moon to reveal Homestar Runner running around Earth. The only land on Earth is the poles and an outline of the United States. A star appears in the center of the United States, and starts spinning as the camera zooms in. Once it reaches an extreme close-up of the star, Earth turns into a blue ball with a star on it and a red stripe.
Homestar run, run Zoom out to show Strong Bad holding the ball in the field. He faces away as the camera pans right to show Homestar facing him. Strong Bad rolls the ball towards Homestar, and Homestar kicks it back, hitting Strong Bad. Homestar shows a surprised expression and runs off to the left. Cut to Homestar Runner, who is skating in a wintry environment, in a light blue speed skating suit with a white star.
Homestar run, run Cut to Strong Bad and Homestar Runner in a wood-paneled room racing slot cars with designs matching their respective color schemes. After a few loops around the track, Strong Bad's car flies off the track and explodes. Strong Bad gets mad and throws his controller down.
Homestar Runner, really great Homestar Runner, ath-a-late Marzipan walks in front of her gazebo playing her ukulele. Then, Coach Z is seen rocking back and forth in front of some lockers as a volleyball bounces nearby. This is followed by Homestar on a podium that reads "SUPABEST" with a first-place medal around his neck.
Homestar Runner, Pom Pom too Cut to an extreme close-up of Pom Pom opening his eyes. Zoom out to reveal him in what seems to be a dojo, wearing a white-and-red bandana and a black belt. He performs some martial arts moves.
Homestar Runner, we love you! Cut to Homestar and Marzipan in front of a window. Homestar, looking proud, holds up a white cake with pink frosting, from which a small puff rises, and Marzipan does a delighted bounce in response. The cake collapses, shocking Homestar and making Marzipan angry.
Homestar run, run Cut to Homestar, wearing a swimming cap and a striped swimsuit with a star, walking out on a diving board. Pan with him as he leaps up, front flips several times, and dives into a swimming pool.
Homestar run, run Cut to a set of hills with a road surrounded by some trees. Homestar, wearing goggles, drives a wooden car on the road, approaching the camera. Cut to Bubs dancing at Skatetown, USA, with Coach Z and Marzipan watching and bobbing along.
Homestar Runner, do your best Cut to the inside of the King of Town's Castle, where The Poopsmith gives The King of Town a plate with whatsit on it. The King looks shocked and his crown briefly jumps and hangs in the air. He then turns to the camera looking sick, and his face turns green.
Homestar Runner, pass the test Homestar is taking a test that only asks one question: "1 + A = ". "SCHOOLTIME!!!" is written in the background. He scratches his head with his pencil.
Homestar Runner, Mom and Dad Homsar walks across the moon, his hat much larger than usual.
Look out, Homestar! It's Strong Bad! Cut to a close-up of Strong Sad, who is spinning. Cut to a wider shot revealing him tied to a rotating wheel. Pan left to reveal Strong Bad standing there, as he holds up a glistening Big Knife and briefly looks toward the camera. He throws the knife at Strong Sad.
Homestar run, run. The Tandy 400 flashes "DELETED!!" Strong Bad raises his fist at the camera. Then, Homestar is seen in The Field. A ball is tossed to him, and he kicks it on the second "Run", with the word "RUN!" written across the screen immediately afterward. Homestar runs off.
Homestar run, run. Cut to Strong Mad and Strong Bad standing in the field. Strong Mad is spilling gasoline on the ground, with Strong Bad nodding in approval. Cut to The Cheat, who produces a burning match, and throws it. Zoom out to reveal all three, and that the gasoline forms the words "HOMESTAR STINKS". The words burn, scorching Strong Bad and Strong Mad as well.
Homestar run, weekdays! Cut to Pom Pom and Homestar sitting in a room, holding Cold Ones. Pom Pom raises his up, Homestar does the same, and they clink bottles before drinking. Cut to the H*R logo, which moves into the distance, pulling back a rubber band on a white background. It shoots toward the audience as a blue ray motif appears in the background right on the word "Weekdays".
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