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Ding! Pulse Interview - 1 Aug 2003 is a featured article, which means it showcases an important part of the Homestar Runner body of work and/or highlights the fine work of this wiki. We also might just think it's cool. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, feel free to contribute.


[edit] Links in Transcripts?

Are we doing links in transcripts now? →[[User:FireBird|FireBird]] 19:20, 27 February 2005 (UTC)

I don't see why not... I only link to Matt and Mike once and to few lesser known 'dumb animal characters' further down. Feel free to delete any or all links if you wish- I have no preference on whether they stay or go. --The Paper 21:06, 27 Feb 2005 (MST)
I'd prefer your followed the links-in-transcripts guidelines in HRWiki:Standards. If we're going to start including links in transcripts (and personally I'm still opposed to it for the most part), then the community should have a discussion about it first. — InterruptorJones 18:02, 13 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] General Comments

Now that the links contained in the transcipt have been removed, does anyone else have any general comments regard the quality and the degree to which I transcribed the interview? You may note that in many cases I added ellipsis dots (...) where there was a pause in speech. In many other cases, I used these where Matt, Mike, or Missy ended mid-sentence to start a new one (I never realized how frequently we do this!) and some of these may be removed if more of us prefer to see a dash instead. Other than that, does anyone have any general comments regarding the accuracy of said transcription? I posted a message on the Projects page requesting that this particular project be removed and have yet to get a response, although only a week has gone by. --The Paper 15:31, 9 Mar 2005 (MST)

[edit] G4 GUY and G4 INTERVIEWER

Are G4 Guy and G4 Interviewer the same person in this interview? If so, the name should remain consistent throughout the transcript. If no one answers here, I may watch the interview later. — wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits) 17:03, 13 May 2005 (UTC)

[edit] File

I've got an AVI file of the interview on my compy. So if I could upload it somewhere (like the place where you mirror the QotW), the peoples wouldn't have to stream it off G4's website. Sorry if this is in the FAQ somewhere or already somewhere else on the wiki.—S*R 14:52, 1 Aug 2005 (UTC)

[edit] adding Nintendo info

I am going to add more info about what Matt talks about with the Nintendo, as well as Animal Crossing. I put it under "real-world references". Was that correct?--Martin925 04:49, 1 Oct 2005 (UTC)

[edit] how short is matt?

is matt like a really short dude or is patrick clark like super tall?! — (Talk | contribs) 23:27, 25 February 2006 (UTC) (left unsigned)

From what I've seen of him, he seems to be average height. Thunderbird 23:40, 25 February 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Too detailed

I think the transcript is a little too detailed. Specifically, I don't think information about when the camera cuts, or whether the view is zoomed out, or which way Missy Palmer is looking at any given moment is all that helpful. It should just be who is saying what, with additional info only when necessary. Shall we cut it down? - furrykef (Talk at me) 04:05, 20 August 2006 (UTC)

Yeah, do you think someone could fix those? They're really annoying. -- Abelhawk 19:19, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Puppet?

where is Doreauxgard because on his page you said he was in there somewhere — (Talk | contribs) 23:56, 8 June 2008 (UTC) (left unsigned)

I have no idea what this annony is talking about... wbwolf (t | ed) 00:11, 9 June 2008 (UTC)
in the video of the interview it says the puppet of him can be seen — (Talk | contribs) 17:57, 11 June 2008 (UTC) (left unsigned)
I was JUST going to ask "Where does Pupprt Doreauxgard appear in this video?" so I don't know where he appears either. Also, be sure to sign your posts, OK? -- Gfdgsgxgzgdrc 23:37, 29 May 2011 (UTC)

[edit] Videlectrix site

Should we add the link to the site at the Fast Forward section where it's mentioned?--EcotwashereJar/Talk 18:22, 8 May 2023 (UTC)

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