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"Every hour at the main stage!"

The relationship between the eldest and youngest of The Brothers Strong is mostly antagonistic, primarily due to Strong Bad. Usually, upon the middle brother's request, Strong Mad will pummel, deck, or otherwise harm Strong Sad. There have, however, been cases in which the two get along cooperatively.


[edit] Strong Mad Harming Strong Sad

  • Email stunt double — Strong Mad punches Strong Sad (as Strong Bad's stunt double) in the face.
  • Email date — For Strong Bad's amusement, Strong Mad punches Strong Sad in the face with a camera disguised as a class ring until Strong Sad has a visible fist imprint.
  • Email theme park — Strong Mad continually body slams into Strong Sad as part of the "Strong Sad Gets Decked Repeatedly Stunt SPOOK-tacular".
  • Strong Sad's Character Video — Strong Sad says he "has two brothers who like to pummel [him] every hour on the hour" referring to Strong Mad and Strong Bad.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Strong Mad, along with Strong Bad and The Cheat, bury Strong Sad up to his armpits in the Spooky Woods.

[edit] More on Strong Mad and Strong Sad's Conflict

  • Old Characters Page and Yearbook Character Page — Strong Mad and Strong Bad disowned Strong Sad a long time ago, but they eventually "accepted" him again.
  • Email caffeine — Strong Sad refuses to come down from the ceiling when Strong Mad tells him to (then adds "Parakeet!", much to Strong Mad's confusion). However, this instance could be interpreted as Strong Mad being brotherly and trying to stop Strong Sad from hurting himself.
  • Experimental Film — Strong Bad and Strong Mad try to steal money from the machine and Strong Sad yells at them, who both then run away.
  • Sbemail 150?!? — Strong Mad does not want to hear about Strong Sad's Doug the Dino treatment.

[edit] Strong Mad and Strong Sad working together

  • Email caper — Strong Mad and Strong Sad accompany Strong Bad in the song "The Cheat Is Not Dead", by clapping to the rhythm of the song and taking turns saying "Dead!"
  • Email radio — Strong Sad and Strong Mad apparently discuss economics in the basement.
  • Email fan club — Strong Mad is part of the Deleteheads, a Strong Bad fan club led by Strong Sad.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Strong Mad and Strong Sad defend King Strong Bad from the Of Town's rebellion.
  • Place Ya Bets! — Strong Mad makes bets along with Strong Sad.
  • Email parenting — Strong Mad and Strong Sad work together on their health class assignment of caring for banana pudding babies.

[edit] Strong Mad and Strong Sad getting along

  • Email labor day — Strong Mad and Strong Sad both attend the Labor Day BBQ. Strong Mad also cracks up at Strong Sad's comment about Strong Bad's invitation having been "da-lee-ted".
  • Email the facts — Strong Mad promises to be quiet to not wake "baby" Strong Sad (though he immediately fails).
  • Email extra plug — Strong Mad, Strong Sad and The Cheat "watch" TV together and laugh.
  • Email more armies — "Strong Mad with two basketballs shoved down his singlet" participates as "Tito the Tophaticent's beautiful assistant". They are introduced by Strong Bad, and Strong Sad cheers.

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