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"Are you around, clown?"

For the Telltale Games character who also appeared in Poker Night at the Inventory, see Sam & Max.

Sam is a name that The Brothers Chaps have chosen to use on several occasions in Homestar Runner cartoons.

[edit] Appearances

  • The Old-Timey counterpart of Strong Sad is named Sickly Sam.
  • Email i she be — Great Looking Girl asks The Cheat if he is online, to which he replies with "Sure am, Sam."
  • Email studying — In the Easter egg, one commenter named Tempe Sam said that he plans to write a book called Leftover Sam and the Leftover Sam Book.
  • Email funny — The sender's name is Sam, and Strong Bad reads his name as one word, 'Fromsam'.
  • Email the process — In Strong Bad's intro, he says, "My name is not Email Sam. Ooh ahh. So please don't call me Email Sam. Ooh ahh."
  • Email business tripHomestar Runner replies to Strong Bad when he asks The Cheat, "You ready to ro'?" by saying, "Sure am, Sam!"
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