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[edit] But what?

A user added that SB's second line was "But I said no," with this video (which turns down the volume on Marzipan's voice and turns up Strong Bad and Homestar) as evidence. DeFender removed it saying he couldn't hear the "But", but it's pretty unmistakably there to me. The real question is: how was this audio modified? It doesn't sound modified beyond the obvious, but it's hard to say that it hasn't been modified in other ways. Thoughts? --Jay (Talk) 11:23, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, I'll field that one. I toned down Marzipan by editing the stereo track in Audacity, and the video was my result. It's up to the public wether my video should remain on the page or not, but I have had my say, and I believe it is now up to the internet to quarrel over wether SB really does say what I think he did. And I assure you that the only changes I did to the song were what were listed on the video itself. I cannot, nor do I, tamper with the Brothers Chaps honorable and honest work more than toning down the song.
Update: I made a second video to prove my point. MarioMaster responds!
The Internet? Who cares what they think? (Also, MarioMaster, I thought I went overboard when I was trying to prove a point. That second video takes the cake.) Now to the point: I agree with MarioMaster and Jay. There's definitely something there, and it sounds like "But", so I put it back in the transcript. — It's dot com 05:49, 2 January 2009 (UTC)
That is one of the most awesome youtube videos ever! And yes, you win. — Defender1031*Talk 07:31, 2 January 2009 (UTC)
Well, you know...I don't know about awesome, but thanks a lot, guys! It's a privilege to be honored so much!
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