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Minor games given little detail or significance are listed here:

[edit] Games from slumber party

See also Clapping Party

Strong Bad, bored at Homestar Runner's slumber party, discovers Homestar's dad's stash of M-rated video games. These games all feature humorously over-the-top depictions of violence or blood and gore, though as Homestar is not allowed to play them no gameplay is seen.

Image Description
Blistergeist Blistergeist parodies Splatterhouse with the masked figure on the cover. Similar to Splatterhouse, the figure makes reference to famous horror characters such as Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and Ghostface. They wield a chainsaw.

The ghostly figure makes a cameo appearance in the unlockable "Blistergeist mode" in the otherwise kid-friendly Clapping Party.

In a 2024 interview, the Brothers Chaps mentioned Blistergeist 3D as a game they'd like to make eventually.

Blood Bleeder Blood Bleeder is a parody of Blood. The cover features a bloodstain with skull imagery.
Head Chopper 2 Head Chopper 2 features cover art of three disembodied heads — two men and one dalmatian — flung into the air.
Scab Wars Scab Wars appears to be a shoot 'em up game in the vein of Space Invaders, while the title recalls Star Wars. The grid seen in the background suggests it may be a vector-graphics title.
Throat Rip and Saliva Quest Throat Rip and Saliva Quest only seen in cartridge form, box art or label faces are not shown.

[edit] Other Games

Image Description Appearance
Twice Dokle!! Dokle and Dokle 2 are stand-up arcade games seen at skating rink Skatetown, USA. They are not seen being played, but the illustrations on the cabinets suggest the first game is fantasy-themed while its sequel is a sci-fi shoot-'em-up.

"Dokle II" was later referenced in the Homestar Quiz.

Theme Song Video
FREE SAMPLE GAME An unnamed sample game, reminiscent of Armless Invaders, is available via a "trial version" of PAY PLUS. An army of Homestar Runners descends from the sky, occasionally accompanied by a falling The Cheat. The game is intentionally truncated and difficult to play. HomestarRunner.com: PAY PLUS!
"I'm talkin' about Night Vision Mode 4, Lord of Armor, Tank Driverer, and Sword Thong Gold Edition!" Brainkrieg lists several video games they want for Decemberween:
  • Night Vision Mode 4
  • Lord of Armor
  • Tank Driverer
  • Sword Thong Gold Edition
Hooked on Decemberween
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