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[edit] Permission To Reprint

The following is a conversation that took place between Thunderbird and 'Purple Penguin' regarding permission to reprint the Penguin Brothers Interview:

Hello, I am an administrator at a collective knowledge base website about Homestar Runner. I am emailing you in connection with the interview that you conducted with the Creators of a while back. My first question is when exactly was this interview conducted, so that we may add a date to the page. The second question is wheather or not you would allow me to reprint the interview on our website, namely here: and Public Appearances

Of course the creator would be given complete credit, along with a link to the original interview. Please let us know whether we can use this or not. Thank you,


Once I posted something on the HR Wiki, and it got deleted. That made me very sad. Moving on:

The interview in question hit the web on May 26, 2003, so feel free to use that date. We at are also permitting you at the H*R Wiki to repost the interview in full, provided that full credit (and an appropriate link) is given.

Thank you very muchly for your interest.

- Purple "There goes the Thnikkaman" Penguin

I am very sorry to hear that your contribution got deleted, but feel happy that today you have made a great contribution to the wiki. The page will be viewable here, and should be up within a day or so:

All credit and links will be given. Thank you very much,


Thunderbird 16:05, 13 May 2005 (UTC)

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