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Strong Bad defends his country

Armless Invaders is a game that is only accessible by clicking the "O" on Strong Bad's Message Bored.

You play as Strong Bad. The object of this game is to protect Strong Badia from the legions of falling Homestar Runners. You earn 50 points for each Homestar you shoot down.


[edit] Description

Keep Homestar out of Strong Badia! Use the mouse to move around and click to shoot! Aim true though, you can only shoot one bullet at a time.

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[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad's head is tilted, making the pixels display at an angle.

[edit] Glitches

  • When the game says "ready", use your mouse and highlight the number "5" in the "Chances" section. You will then have 1.1 seconds to type something.
    • If you type zero, or any value containing something other than a number, you will get an automatic "GAME OVER".
    • Typing a "+" before the number value will have no effect on the game. It will disappear if you lose a life. Typing a "+" after the number will still result in a loss.
    • You can change the number "0" in the "Score" section to any other number or letter. However, the 50 points will be added to the right of the number you input.
      • This means that instead of scoring 50 points, your "score" will be multiplied by 100, and another 50 points will be added to it.
      • If you change the zero to a minus, you will lose big points.
    • If you type in a number with more than 3 place values, only the first 2 one will be shown.
    • After a while Homestar just stops falling completely when using this cheat.
    • The number glitch will cause the X button to not do anything when clicked, meaning that you can't leave.
    • Using this glitch and a Flash seek bar, it is possible to transfer your score and lives to the other games.
      • This won't work if you change the score with the highlight glitch.
  • Sometimes after playing for a long time, the Homestars begin falling in the same place over and over, making it unnecessary to move.
    • Sometimes after the Homestars begin falling in the same place, they will stop falling altogether.
  • Right click and press play to get infinite lives. If your lives go below 0, it will continue going into the negatives. However, only two digits are visible, but you are still able to go lower and lower.

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