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"Only from Cheap As Free."

Homestar Runner Halloween Costumes and Products is a line of products from Cheap As Free that sells costumes and products for Halloween. During the commercial for it, an announcer also call the line "Homerun Hitter Halloween Costumes & Products" and "Homestars Running Halloween Customes & Broducts".

All costumes, except the one of Marzipan are made from cheap plastic masks of a character's head, and a cheap plastic apron with the same character depicted on it. The masks' eye holes don't always correspond to the character's eyes and this create the illusion of four eyes. Homestar Runner, while trick-or-treating wore a Bubs costume, which was so lame that Strong Bad didn't give him any candy.

Marzipan's costume is a two-piece bikini, in which the top part show her pony-tail on each side, and the lower part a small section of her dress ornament. To increase the costume's offensiveness, a devil tail and cat ears were added, and according to Marzipan herself, the costume is so offensive, that it's not offensive any more. She ordered twelve of it. Coach Z thinks the costume depicts himself, and wears it when visiting Bubs' Concession Stand.

The line also include Strong Sad's SAFE-T LOSE-R accessories for the "trick-or-treating-impaired" people, which include a a full size street blockade described as a "discreet reflector" for children whose mothers are not over protective enough. A side affect of wearing it will cause Mancuso's older brother to intentionally run the wearer down instead of accidentally. Also, there's the deluxe decoy poncho to fool egg-throwers to think that the person have already been hit with a bunch of fried eggs. Lastly, there is a pair of sweat pants for kids with no friends who are staying at home to "help" Mom and Dad give out treats.

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