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[edit] Integrity?

As this article is just including HRWiki:About, I fear that English-speakers are left out. I think that we should have the exact same information value with each language version of this page, and not having a colorful collection of random pages content- and visualwise. While HRWiki:About more focuses on the wiki itself, international welcoming pages more focus on the actual Homestar Runner body of work and the Greasemonkey script. They are not the same pages, and should not be treated as such.

So, I think we should release Trey56's original with slight changes, so that English-speaking people wouldn't be treated as foreigners. If not anything else, we'll at least give English people the best instructions there are to use the Greasemonkey. What do you guys think? --Sysrq868 10:17, 16 December 2007 (UTC)

I definitely see your point about making this page comparable to the ones in other languages — it makes sense in that if the page title is the same with a different language code, the content should be the same.
On the other hand, I think that a welcome to English-speaking users should be very different from a welcome to speakers of other languages by virtue of the fact that the resources available to the two groups for enjoying Homestar Runner are very different. For international speakers, there's a huge emphasis on subtitles, because that's really the only way that most are going to be able to enjoy Homestar Runner. But for most English speakers, subtitles are really a minor component of the Homestar Runner experience — for them, it's more pertinent to give them an intro to what H*R is and introduce them to how to use the vast encyclopedia (in English) they can read to find out everything they want to know about H*R.
So, I wonder if there could be a compromise: perhaps we could make a version of this page with the text in the "An introduction to Homestar Runner" section from here (most of this has been ripped from Homestar Runner (body of work)), and then create a short second section directing English-speaking users to pages like HRWiki:About, HRWiki:Introduction, HRWiki:The Stick, and also the subtitles project. Just some thoughts, haven't hammered it out entirely... Trey56 14:04, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
Secret comment comments, huh? :)
Be that as it may, maybe this could go with a slightly edited intro, a introduction to the body of work (with "Original article at Homestar Runner (body of work)"), an extra paragraph or two about the wiki itself, modified from HRWiki:About (maybe we could incorporate it to the international versions, like "If you have advanced English skills, read: blah blah blah"?) and then the Greasemonkey script literature as is.
How does this sound? --Sysrq868 14:20, 16 December 2007 (UTC)
I'm all for having snippets of the information collected above (body of work, hrw:about, hrw:intro, TS, and subtitles) organized into sections and with links to the main articles. (I prefer summaries over just links). As I mentioned in HRWiki talk:Welcome# Portal? I was hoping this could be an "all-in-one" welcoming portal. The current state of this page was just a temporary solution. And yes, a greasemonkey help page would be nice.  :) (On a similar note, would it be of any benefit to move the greasemonkey source code to the project namespace?) --Stux 04:20, 24 December 2007 (UTC)
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