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[edit] Just Pick One!

Possible references for the TV show The Cheat is watching:
  • Duel, a 1971 TV movie starring Dennis Weaver as a commuter menaced by a mysterious, homicidal tanker truck driver. It was Steven Spielberg's first feature-length film.
  • Maximum Overdrive, a movie based on Stephen King's story about trucks (among other things) that come to life and try to kill people.
  • Christine, a movie based on a Stephen King novel about an evil antique car with a mind of its own.

From: privileges
Posted on: 02:51, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

Arguments against:

  • This is the very definition of TTATOT.
  • Clearly, they are referring to a whole genre of media. Individual mentions are unnecessary.
  • Pick one show before you STUFF it.

Additional comments:

  • Do we actually need to vote on this? It's so obviously TTATOT, it should have simply been deleted.
    • It's been on the page for over a year, I think.
      • Christine fact: added on 19 October 2004 (1.82 years or 1 year 301 days), Maximum Overdrive fact: added on 15 November 2004 (1.75 years or 1 year 274 days), Duel fact: added on 2 December 2004 (1.70 years or 1 year 257 days).
        • While a fact almost 2 years old is normally given some special treatment, this seems gratuitously TTATOT enough to be removed without ceremony.
          • No, anything that's been on the page that long deserves a formal vote.
  • Maximum Overdrive seems to be the only one that's actually about a homicidal truck. In Duel (and, for that matter, Joy Ride) it's a person, in Christine it's a car. Maybe just strip the fact down to Maximum Overdrive and keep it?
    • But there might be other films and TV shows out there which involves trucks coming to life...

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  2. Jay (Talk)
  3. Heimstern Läufer
  4.  Loafing
  5. Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png
  6. DorianGray
  7. The Chort
  8. Mycroft Holmes
  9. Trelawney
  10. Lapper (talk)
  11. — Kilroy / talk
  12. Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing!
  13. The Joe

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