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"He's the Decemberween Thnikkaman / And he'll make your dreams come true..."

Happy Dethemberween is the Decemberween toon of 2007. The main characters watch the Decemberween special Brundo the Decemberween Yak and the Sword of St. Olaf, which ends with the discovery of the true meaning of Decemberween. Homestar Runner believes that the magic of Decemberween is inside everyone, but Strong Sad does not. Strong Bad then sings about the Decemberween Thnikkaman, who appears to be the Free Country, USA equivalent of Santa Claus, while a montage plays. The other characters eventually join in. When they see the Thnikkaman in his flying van, Homestar states that he knows that the Thnikkaman is just Bubs with a piece of paper taped to his chest. watch (more...)

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