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These are the visuals that occur during Happy Dethemberween.

Lyrics Visuals
It happens each Decemberween, Strong Bad stands on the couch in the Basement, with the rest of the main cast (excluding Homsar) gathered around him.
though some would say it doesn't. Close up of Strong Bad singing to Strong Mad and The Cheat.
The best thing that you've ever seen, Strong Bad ducks down and reappears next to Homestar Runner. Strong Bad prods him on "you've ever seen".
even better than your hot cousin! (Better than Debra?) (Oh, maybe not better than Debra. Ooh, Debra.) Strong Bad jumps back onto the couch facing Marzipan.
I'm talking about a magic man, who defies the laws of physics. A lab coat suddenly appears on Strong Bad. The screen changes and fades in to show a blackboard with a magic hat, a greater than sign and an apple with an arrow pointing downwards drawn on it. Yellow tinsel is visible just above it.
He turns Decemberween into DeTHemberween! The words "Decemberween" are seen against a background of blue snowtopped mountains and a pink sky. On "DeTHemberween", a piece of paper with "tH" on it appears over the "c" of "Decemberween".
Tell us, man, who is it? Strong Sad and Strong Bad are in the basement.
He's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman, Dethemberween Thnikkaman walks across snow, with snow covered bushes in the background. It is snowing.
and he'll make your dreams come true. Dethemberween Thnikkaman is seen ice skating. A French Horn expands and shrinks to the next scene.
No, there ain't no beatin' that holiday feelin', Strong Bad marches across a pink background with yellow drawings of a snowman, clouds and trees.
when he says "Shut up" to you. (Yeah, shut up, kid!) Strong Bad leans in from behind the couch, singing to The Poopsmith and the King of Town, whom he prods on "to you". The Thnikkaman then pops up in front of a grey cloudy sky.
When the sun goes down, he creeps into town, A snow-covered wall is seen during the day, with the snow-covered bushes in the background. It is snowing. The scene turns into night and Dethemberween Thnikkaman tiptoes over the wall.
and borrows your hedge clippers. Dethemberween Thnikkaman takes some hedge clippers from underneath a sleeping Homestar's pillow. He opens and closes them twice.
And while you're sleeping, safe and sound, A thought cloud appears over Homestar and fills the screen. In the thought cloud, a tape reading "blank" and a DVD reading "\mbox{DVD}\pm\div\sqrt{~~}~\mbox{RW}" appears.
he puts blank media in your slippers! (It was 8-Tracks in my day!) The DVD and tape fall into Homestar's pink bunny slippers. The scene dims and Coach Z appears from the right.
Sometimes he'll cold call random kids, Dethemberween Thnikkaman is on the phone in the Office. Strong Bad appears, wearing a blue shirt with a Decemberween tree on it.
with discount travel packages! A orange screen appears from the right with pamphlets reading "cruis[e]", "please, visit Scalding Lake" and "[h]otel". As a telephone rings, a red zig-zag shape reading "Lo, Low Fares!" appears.
(Las Vegas? For 20 dollars a night? Thanks, Dethemberween Thnikkaman!) Strong Bad is at his lappy. Yellow tinsel is visible above him. He picks up the telephone. He thumps the Lappy during his second line.
Yes, he's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman. The Sheriff puppet talks in front of a Dethemberween Thnikkaman snowman at night. It is snowing. A silhouette of a van is seen flying through the sky.
Flying through the night in an unmarked van. The Baloney Sammich Truck is seen flying through the air, clearly marked "tH".
You never know what he'll bring us when you hear those high-pitched singers! We cut back to the Sheriff.
Here comes the Dethemberween Thnikkaman! A group of Bubses sing, wearing robes and holding verse books. The words "Here comes the DetHemberween Thnikkaman!" dance across the screen. The "tH" in Dethemberween is written on a piece of paper which has been stuck on.
One, two, three! Strong Bad appears from the bottom.
He's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman, Cut to the King of Town, Strong Sad, Homestar and Coach Z leaning in from behind Strong Mad in the Basement. We slowly zoom in.
oh, and he'll make your dreams come true! Strong Bad is singing in bed. Miniature Dethemberween Thnikkamen tiptoe around his head. We slowly zoom in at an angle.
Do-Do-La-Do-Do-Do-Doo! Homestar singing against a blue background, with the same patterns as the loading screen.
There ain't no ceilin', Strong Bad jumps onto the couch and flies upwards at high velocity.
on that holiday feelin', Strong Sad plays the chimes by hitting four Homsars on their hats.
When he says "Shut up" to you! Pan slowly downwards to show Strong Bad, wearing his blue shirt, leaning on the Dethemberween Thnikkaman snowman. The main cast (minus Bubs and Homsar) are then seen singing behind the snow-covered brick wall at night. We slowly zoom out.
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