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"Don't let Timkins play my PSone!"

Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 is the thirteenth installment in the Teen Girl Squad series, released on Monday, June 18, 2007. Tompkins and Timkins' mother, Momkins, is heading out to prospect for future ex-husbands and has hired So and So to babysit them in her absence. However, So and So's friends all crash the goings-on and create havoc. Cheerleader tries to call "each and every boy" to invite them over to watch a pay-per-view show (with luckless results), while What's Her Face goes rummaging through the pantry. The Ugly One, meanwhile, is seeking an autograph from Peacey P, which his bodyguard disapproves of by dropping The Ugly One off a hotel balcony. Then the police arrives to watch the pay-per-view show. What's Her Face lets them in, but So and So overreacts to their presence, and takes drastic measures to escape from them. (more...) watch

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