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"Ja, we are Taranchula!"

Taranchula is a death metal band from Scandinavia. Like Limozeen, their name was born from the email band names. The members of the band are Dave Bjornborg, Dave Olafstenston, and Schenkel McDoo. Their only known songs are "Moving Very Slowly", "The Decoupage", "Brother In A Jar" and "Trudgemank". They might be based on Sepultura, a thrash metal band that used stop motion animation in their videos, much like Taranchula's clip in the music video in the email death metal. The band also appears on the Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour in "death metal". The three members of the band are portrayed by Matt, Mike and a second Matt. Taranchula's logo is very similar to that of Immolation, a popular death metal band. (more...)

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