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No one likes his style

Nebulon is an alien who is seen in space and on the moon. He first appeared on Main Page 1, but he was not named until The Cheat's cartoon New Boots. According to The Cheat's rendition of Strong Bad in his cartoon, no one likes Nebulon's style. Since then, Nebulon has made a number of cameo appearances ranging from a drawing, a wooden cutout, or other various novelty items, but he has never actually appeared as a real character in any Homestar Runner cartoon or Strong Bad Email. He has also never been known to say anything. Nebulon made a brief appearance in the sole episode of Limozeen's space cartoon. He also appeared in an Easter egg in the email narrator, where Marzipan (as some type of enormous alien cow) says she has always admired Nebulon's style. (Nebulon seems less than pleased by this statement.) (more...)

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