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"I am Hercule Poirot!"

Foreign words are often mispronounced, or at least pronounced in exaggerated ways, by various characters.

[edit] Appearances

Original Word How It Was Pronounced Standard Pronunciation Appears In Spoken By
anime ah·nee·may ah·nih·may TrogdorCon '97 Strong Sad
baklava ba·ka·la·va, ba·ka·ma·la·va bahk·la·vah Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon Strong Sad (standard), Marzipan
chaperon shah·pah·rone (French accent), shap·rone shap·er·own or shap·air·own Email senior prom, 8-Bit is Enough Strong Sad, Gel-Arshie
chez chezz shay Date Nite Homestar Runner
eau eww oh Email origins, Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 Strong Bad (standard in Teen Girl Squad)
haiku hai·oo·koo hai·koo Halloween Fairstival Strong Bad
Hercule Poirot cue Pwar·o, A·cool Pwagh·chho Her·kyool Pwah·roh Haunted Photo Booth Strong Sad
laissez-faire lazy·fair lah·say·fair or lay·zay·fair Strong Badia the Free Strong Bad
macabre macramé, ma·cahb·ruh, ma·ca·ber, ma·ca·bré mah·kahb Doomy Tales of the Macabre Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad
manga mag·na mahn·ga TrogdorCon '97 Homestar Runner
monsieur mon·soor mis·seeur Fan Costumes 2019 Strong Bad, Coach Z
rendezvous ren·dez·voooooo·ses ron·day·vou Email origins Strong Bad
résumé reh·zoom reh·zoo·may The Interview Homestar Runner
señor seh·nor sen·yor Email kind of cool, Email pop-up, Senor Mortgage, Senorial Day, Email alternate universe Many — see main article Senor.
ukulele oo·koo·lay·lay yoo·koo·lay·lee The Luau Marzipan (multiple times)

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