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This article is about the misuse of the Spanish word "Señor". For the blue storybook character, see Señor. For the mortgage broker and used car salesman, see Senor Cardgage.
"Mister Senor, sir? Can I have my football back?"

The word senor is a common misuse of the Spanish word "señor". The difference in pronunciation comes from the lack of a tilde over the n — with the tilde, the word is pronounced "seh-nyor", and translates to "Mister" or "Sir" in English. Without the tilde, the word is pronounced "seh-nor" and has no particular meaning.

One of the original storybook characters was named Señor. This character's name is almost always spelled correctly (with the tilde) each time it has appeared in print, and it has also been pronounced correctly (as "seh-nyor") by both Strong Bad and The Prince of Town. This shows that Strong Bad does indeed know how to pronounce "señor", as recently as the email origins.

In the email kind of cool, Strong Sad refers to Senor Cardgage as "Seh-nyor" Cardgage, pronouncing his name in the same way as above. However, Strong Bad then pronounces his name as "Seh-nor", and he has been doing so ever since. He also consistently spells the name without the tilde. Senor Cardgage uses the word "senor" himself, thus proving that this is his official name. This has even given rise to a spoof holiday, Senorial Day.

Regardless of Senor Cardgage's name, Strong Bad shows a more general trend of using "senor" in other contexts as well. For example, in the email pop-up, he refers to himself as "Senor Muybueno" (which loosely translates to "Mr. Verygood"). Given his vaguely Mexican heritage, this seems particularly ironic. He also claims to have crashed his fair share of "senor proms" in senior prom. In Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad calls the FunMachine "Senor FunMachine".

In Senorial Day and A Decemberween Mackerel, characters call Senor Cardgage "Mister Senor", which is misusing the word and literally means "Mister Mister".

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