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"Hey, Coach! Check me out! I've got bad zits!"

The Homestar Runner body of work contains many references to acne, a skin disease common in adolescents.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Characters

[edit] Strong Bad Email

  • haircutStrong Bad adds acne and a buttchin to the Big Ol' Eyebrows to make Strong Mad one hundred and ten percent lady-proof.
  • pom pom — After Strong Bad repeatedly pokes him in the face with a pin, Homestar Runner imitates a teenager to Coach Z, "Hey, Coach! Check me out! I've got bad zits!"
  • theme song — When Shaheen writes in to say it bugs him that his email show doesn't have a theme song, Strong Bad tells him "It bugs me how your face doesn't have a not tons of acne. If it did have a not tons of acne, you would be a whole lot cooler."
  • licensed — Strong Bad receives an email from "Pilmple-Faced Bill from receiving" and asks him to tell "grody Blackhead-Flaced Janice from accounting" to update her records.

[edit] Other Appearances

  • Peasant's Quest — If Rather Dashing tries to scare Poor Gary, he may do so by telling him the story "about the kid who pops this big zit he has and all these baby spiders come out."
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — As a part of his Moocher costume, Homestar has acne.
  • Thy Dungeonman 3 — If Thy Dungeonman attempts to communicate with the Annoying Whiner Bird, he finds that "his morbling is rusty and he hasn't ganched since he was but a pimple-faced dungeonteen."
  • Blue Laserdisc Challenge — The announcer proclaims that the game will "take quick wits, lightning reflexes, and more quarters than you or your zit-faced friends could possibly have... in your zit-faced pockets."
  • Homestar Ruiner — In the Teen Girl Squad, when the mirror item is used, its recipient teen girl says "Gotta make sure my cover-up isn't flaking. Nope, horrible scarring acne is safely concealed."
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