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Hey, y'all. I'm Sparky! I mainly work on fixing up the character pages. I like to work with little things like that.

Please give me some ideas on what I can put in here!

[edit] About Me

I live to kill trolls. It is a passion of mine. Getting to type "rv" in the summary section feels like I won a lifetime supply of free ice cream.

Help me take over the world!

[edit] Stuff that I've Done (and can actually remember)

  • Now that's a Bigg Knife
    The war of 11/11 was a tough night for the wiki. We triumphed, though. I got this for helping (which was cool). That night showed how much we care about the wiki. Anyone who reverted even 10 pages should get a medal. Seriously. Anyway, here are some of my stats for that night along with other facts (my total/total amount of x):
  • Pages reverted: 60/850
  • IP IDs reported: 5/who knows...

Here are some other statistics about me:

  • People I've welcomed: 3

[edit] Userbox!

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