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Image:Stick_snowman.png|<center>On a snowman</center>
Image:Stick_snowman.png|<center>On a snowman</center>
Image:YoungStick.png|<center>Younger with leaf</center>
Image:YoungStick.png|<center>Younger with leaf</center>
Image:The_Xtick.PNG|<center>Revamped for the nineties</center>
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[[Category:Places|Stick, The]][[Category:Pseudocharacters|Stick, The]][[Category:Plants|Stick, The]]

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"In all its hangoutitude!"
This article is about the Pseudocharacter. For the wiki's community portal, see HRWiki:The Stick.

The Stick, usually called the stick, is the place in an otherwise nondescript grassy area in which a largeish stick is poking out of the ground. It's typically referenced as a meeting point, especially by Strong Bad and his cohorts. It is unclear as to whether it is just a stick in the ground, or a prematurely dead tree. Sometimes The Stick participates in the festivities, such as being a Decemberween Tree, being dressed up for Halloween, or even being placed on a snowman. Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat have considered it an excellent place to hang out ever since they drove Homestar Runner and his Bread Sing-Alongs away from the area, as related in origins. Nonetheless, for reasons that are unclear, Strong Bad expresses hatred for The Stick and its "stupid face" in Jibblies 2. In Strong Badia the Free, The Stick briefly became a minor country known as Sticktenstein. In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, it plays the last surviving specimen of the Stickanee Tree, whose flower is needed for a formula to save rainforests. Later, Strong Bad as Dangeresque has to cut off a piece of The Stick so that he can get another flower for Sultry Buttons.




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Fun Facts

  • In labor day, Strong Bad accidentally broke part of The Stick off while giving it a high-five. Curiously, the piece that broke off was never seen before that particular toon. Naturally, since it broke off, the piece hasn't been seen since.
  • According to origins, The Stick presently rates a 10 in hangingoutitude, but was considerably lower in hangingoutitude during the period it was the site of Homestar Runner's bread sing-alongs. It was also the place where they spray-painted Marzipan, then glued her to Homsar and left them for dead.
  • In different town, Strong Bad imagined the Stick as a "Big Ol' Tree" that would try to eat everyone except The Cheat and himself (and possibly Strong Mad).
  • In Main Page 16, The Stick is a Decemberween stick.
  • In Cheat Commandos, The Stick was made up to look like a satellite dish.
  • In Happy Hallow-day, The Stick is referred to as a twig by Marzipan which suggests that the name The Stick is rarely used by characters other than Strong Bad and Homestar. However, according to Baddest of the Bands, the Two-O-Duo once sung "Lets's TP The Stick".
  • In Jibblies 2, The Stick is dressed as Lowly Worm from the Busytown books for Halloween. Strong Bad and Homestar both inexplicably state their hatred of The Stick to it.
  • In Homestar Ruiner, Strong Bad calls the Stick "beautiful".
  • In A Death-Defying Decemberween, The Stick is placed on top of a snowman that some of the characters are building.
  • Many times, The Stick has proven an effective hiding place. For example, in army, when Homestar was giving his troops a pep-talk by The Stick, The Cheat mysteriously popped out from the side of The Stick, though the viewer previously had no idea he was there.
  • In Baddest of the Bands, Strong Bad covers The Stick with Z-covered toilet paper in order to make Coach Z look responsible for vandalism so that Bubs will respect him and put the Two-o Duo on stage again.
  • In imaginary, a younger The Stick is seen which has a single green leaf.
  • In Main Page 26, the Stick undergoes a Xeriouxly Forxe transformation.

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