The Fat Bee

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The Fat Bee
Ten years later
This article is about the character also known as "The Bee". For the Halloween costume, see Pumpkin Carve-nival Costumes.

The Fat Bee is a character associated with The Grape Fairie that appears in the early Homestar Runner universe. Its head is white with a prominent under-bite, similar to Homestar's or The Poopsmith's, and topped with two black antennae. Its body has yellow and black stripes, with a stinger at the end (straight in storybook appearances, curly in modern-day). Its wings seem too small to keep it airborne, yet it is still always seen off the ground. It is often used to hold things up, like the Old Flash Stuff banner. It used to just be known as "the Grape Fairie's bee", until it was referred to as "The Fat Bee" in a Weekly Fanstuff.

[edit] Appearances

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