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|[[Image:Cheat pile.PNG|150px]] || Hideous pile || Email [[bike thief]]
|[[Image:Cheat pile.PNG|150px]] || Hideous pile || Email [[bike thief]]
|[[Image:Cheat Pizz.png|150px]] || [[The Pizz]] cap || Email [[pizza joint]]
[[Category:Other Costumes]]
[[Category:Other Costumes]]

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The different costumes of The Cheat.

Image Costume Seen in
Homestar Runner A Jumping Jack Contest
Strong Bad A Jumping Jack Contest
Strong Bad's attorney Email sb email 22, Email rough copy
"Strong Badman's sidekick" Email superhero name, Email haircut, Email portrait, Email narrator
A Ghostbuster Email ghosts
Green Sweater Decemberween Email Menu
Evel Knievel Email monster truck, Awexome Cross 98
George Harrison's Sgt. Pepper costume Email anything
Strong Sad's left leg Email impression
Fluffy 2 years, lady fan
Firebert Email army
A Strong Badian pilgrim Email colonization
With a top hat Email theme park
Customer Assistance Email replacement
"the cheat" Email replacement
Miner Email cheatday
Strong Bad's henchman Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Rabid Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
With The King of Town's crown Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Image:cheat in cool boots.PNG Cool Boots New Boots
Door to door salesman Email montage
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Homestar Presents: Presents
Tito Email part-time job, Email more armies
In a blue outfit Email origins
With towel Email secret recipes
Covered in sticky notes Email secret recipes
Homestar Runner Email do over
Wet bottom 10
Image:Pale The Cheat.PNG Pale Email bedtime story
Harold "Strap" Coopmore (of SBASAF) Email space program, Email cliffhangers
A cat burglar Email portrait
The Cheatbot Email technology
With green shades Email theme song
In chains Email retirement
A doctor Email looking old
Covered with whatsit Email strong badathlon
With barbed wire Email rough copy
With a mustache Date Nite
Covered in DNA Evidence DNA Evidence
On Point King Email more armies
Wearing a custodian helmet Ever and More!
Hideous pile Email bike thief
The Pizz cap Email pizza joint
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