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This article is about the DVD music video. For the song, see Moving Very Slowly.
"Brain dead, the state of your mind..."

Dave Bjornborg of Taranchula sings in a music video of Moving Very Slowly. Skeletons play wicked electric guitar solos.

Cast (in order of appearance): Dave Bjornborg, Skeleton guitarist

Running Time: 1:38

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two


{The music video's title, composer and director appear in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen:

Moving Very Slowly
Dir: Teeg Dougland

As the intro to the song plays, Dave Bjornborg headbangs and someone dressed in a skeleton costume plays the guitar in front of a desolate gothic landscape and the Taranchula logo.}

{As Dave Bjornborg sings, the camera quickly zooms in and out of his face.}

DAVE BJORNBORG: Movin' very slowly!
Very slowly!
Movin' very slowly!
Very slowly!
Darkness, the fate of the world
Master, give up your soul

{Dave headbangs}

DAVE BJORNBORG: Movin' very slowly!
Very slowly!
Movin' very slowly!
Very slowly!

{The zooming of the camera in and out of Dave's face dramatically accelerates}

DAVE BJORNBORG: Slower and slower and slower and
Slower and slower and slower and

{Lightning strikes and the man in the skeleton costume plays a guitar solo.}

DAVE BJORNBORG: Brain dead, the state of your mind...

{The video and audio fade out}

Fun Facts

  • The background image is a slightly altered version of the album cover to When in Rome Do as The Vandals.
  • The guitar that appears in this video is a Danelectro.
  • From time to time in the video, a skull flashes in front of Dave Bjornborg's face.
  • The original song is more than twice as long as this video is.
  • Dave Bjornborg is played by Matt Chapman.
  • The ruined building in the background appears to be the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
  • The guitar that the skeleton guitarist plays has no strings.
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