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Most everything you wanna know bout HomestarRunner.com!!

The current FAQ, based on Highlights for Children.

Page Title: FAQ - Ouch. What do you do?



Other than the FAQs, the page also contains the following:

  • A randomized "What's Wrong with This Mess?" puzzle
  • A fill-in-the-blanks puzzle about the characters' eyes
  • A set of static figures that you can place on a field background. These figures are
    • Homestar Runner
    • Strong Bad
    • Pom-Pom
    • Marzipan
    • Strong Sad
    • The Poopsmith
    • A 1 Ton weight (hidden beneath Pom Pom)
    • A chicken leg (hidden beneath Strong Sad)


Cartoons & SB Emails

  • Q. Are the emails Strong Bad answers real?
A. Yes, all of em. Except 'Mile.' The Cheat made that one up.
  • Q. How do I get my Strong Bad email answered?
A. Pure luck. (Or try renting 'Pure Luck' with Danny Glover and Martin Short.)
  • Q. Is there gonna be a full-length Peasant's Quest movie or what?
A. There already is one. Its 'full length' is 3 minutes.
  • Q. Where are all the old emails and cartoons?
A. Try the museum section. Just click on the H*R logo on any of the homepages. If you can't find a Strong Bad email, just use the sweet, sweet scroll buttons on the email menu to scroll down. Most of the emails mentioned in 'personal favorites' were made up, so don't look for those so much.
  • Q. I noticed a mistake or inconsistency in one of your cartoons!! AHHH!
A. It was either done on purpose or it's just a cartoon and you probably shouldn't worry about it.
  • Q. What the crap is 'fhqwhgads' from?
A. It's from the Strong Bad email called 'i love you'. The Cheat also made a music video bout it. Check out the Powered by the Cheat section for that.
  • Q. Where are Jumping Jacks and the wrestling one?
A. They were taken down temporarily. Much like Frosty, they'll be back again someday.
  • Q. Why come the 'Joy of Painting' cartoon on the Toons menu don't work?
A. Cause it's not a real cartoon. We just wanted to show Marzipan with an afro and a beard.

Video Games of Distinction

  • Q. There is a bug in the Games menu. My score never goes up.
A. The Games menu is a menu, not a real game. Try clicking on one of the ships to play a real game, some of which have working scoring systems.
  • Q. I am stuck in Peasant's Quest or Thy Dungeonman. Help!
A. Maybe search the web for walkthroughs or hints. That's what we do.
  • Q. Super Kingio Bros. is too hard. I can't even clear the first jump.
A. Keep trying. You might want to buy the Stragedy Guide.
  • Q. Where can I buy the Super Kingio Bros. 'Stragedy Guide?'
A. Keep trying. You might want to buy the Stragedy Guide strategy guide.
  • Q. No seriously, what is the deal with Super Kingio Bros?
A. Okay you caught us. It was meant as a joke and you can't play it beyond the first screen. You get the persistence prize.
  • Q. Level 27 of Trogdor: Intentionally unbeatable?
A. Non. Just broken. We fixed it just for you.


  • Q. Will there be more DVDs? Like, ones with other cartoons on em?
A. Yeah! Totally. Totally yeah.
  • Q. Are them puppets for sale?
A. Nossir, they's one of kind.
  • Q. I have questions about an order I placed or want to place. Who I talk to?
A. Head on over to store.yahoo.com/homestarrunner and click on either 'Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds' or 'Customer Service and Order Processing.'
  • Q. So wait, you guys make a living just by selling this crap?
A. Yup. Merch sales are fortunately enough to support ourselves and the site. Rock, rock on.

Tech support

  • Q. Who does your hosting?
A. The fine folks at Sagonet.com. They set us up real nice.
  • Q. Some cartoons or games won't load on my 'puter! What gives?
A. Make sure you have the latest version of the Flash player from Macromedia.com. That usually helps.
  • Q. Your updates don't show up and I cleared my cache and hit refresh even!
A. Your internet provider might need to refresh their DNS or something like that. Leastways, that's what we've been told.
  • Q. You dudes use Windas or Mac?
A. We use Windows machines except for video and DVD stuff. That's done on a Mac.
  • Q. Who does the voices for your dumb animal characters?
A. Matt does all the voices 'cept Marzipan, that's Missy. Mike does the voices when the Cheat makes his own cartoons.
  • Q. How do you make your cartoons? Like what software and hardware?
A. We draw and animate everything in Flash. We run a mic through a USB preamp and record sound in Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro). Most of the music we make with old Casio keyboards or worse.
  • Q. I need help making my own Flash cartoons. Any advice?
A. Flashkit.com is a good resource for Flash help. Also, the 'Visual Quickstart Guide' series of books on Flash are great.
  • Q. Will you link to my website?
A. There's no real place for that sorta thing on our website. We link to a couple sites here and there but only when it's appropriate.
  • Q. Can I hire you guys to make a special cartoon for me?
A. Homestar keeps us busy enough that we don't have time for freelance or personalized stuff. Thanks for thinking of us though.

Puzzle Solutions

What's Wrong with This Mess?

The What's Wrong with This Mess? puzzle is randomized. Among the things that can be potentially wrong in the picture:

  • Character head and/or body floating in the sky in upper-left
    • Strong Sad
    • Strong Mad
  • Strong Bad's right arm replaced.
    • The Stick
    • A kite
    • A The Cheat arm
  • Object in bushes that doesn't belong
    • The King of Town's moustache
    • The plug-socket under Strong Bad's computer desk
    • Coach Z's Z
    • A t-bone steak
  • Population: Tire sign wrong
    • Strong Sadia Likes: Corn
    • Coach Z's Lot Pop: Tore
    • Wrong Badia Pop: Type
    • Stop Sign Top: Pire
    • Super Place Pop: Mark
  • Strong Sad's head has been replaced by another character's
    • Coach Z
    • The King of Town
  • Character floating in upper-right, upside down
    • Bubs
    • Homestar Runner


Homestar Pom Pom
Marzipan Strong Sad
Marshie Biscuit
Hands Man

Easter Eggs

  • The static figures can be rotated and scaled using the arrow keys.
    • If you make the static figures too small, they will turn upside down and start getting bigger.

Fun Facts


  • The page title is a reference to the NES game Goonies II. The Namco game Bravoman featured the same sentence.
  • The left side of the cover of the magazine says "Picature by Audrey".
  • If you zoom in on the Strong Bad static figure, you will see a small hole by his neck.


  • The static cling Homestar Runner is missing his propeller on his hat.
  • The static cling Marzipan is missing the yellow circles on her dress.
  • The static cling Pom Pom has two lines on his stomach instead of one.

Inside References

  • The question "Who does the voices for your dumb animal characters?" is based on one of Mike's lines from the DVD video Sample of Style or one of Matt's lines from the 2003 Wired News Interview that preceded Sample of Style.
  • The activity is based on the stylized "Everybody! Everybody!" wallpaper in the Downloads section.
  • "Rock, rock on" is a reference to the Cheat Commandos toons.


  • If you go to the SWF File for the FAQ, near the right side of the screen (about 1.5 in. down and .5 in. across from the top-right corner) there appears to be a clickable (but invisible) box, although it doesn't seem to activate any easter eggs. This box is only clickable after you've opened the 'magazine'.
  • If you drag a static cling on the page corner, the corner of the page will still show.

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