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Hey, DG here. Don't ask where the name comes from. I'm a wiki oldbie (17th user to join!) and have been here for nearly two years. :o But that doesn't mean I think I have seniority over you. It just makes me feel old really. I used to do transcripts a real long time ago, but now I rarely come on the wiki itself. But since I just got the Everything Else DVD, it looks like I may be able to transcribe again. :)


[edit] Things

So, stuff about me.... I'm currently in second year at the University of Toronto. I'm studying philosophy. No, really. I love pondering the big questions. My hobbies (other than Homestar and other online cartoons) are drawing, playing the keyboard, and obsessing over video games, especially the Zelda series. Uh, I really don't have much of a life. Gravy Train Captian is my brother, but he doesn't really come here anymore.

[edit] Stuff I Transcribed

island, stunt double, caper, 20X6 vs. 1936, Mr. Shmallow, TGS 4, The Interview, Fluffy Puff Commercial, TGS 6

As if anyone cares.

[edit] The Best

Favourite emails: Caper, Japanese Cartoon, Stunt Double, Caffeine, Army, Pizazz, Do Over

Favourite toons that aren't emails: Pumpkin Carve-nival, The Interview, 20X6 vs. 1936, Trogdorcon 97, all the Cheat Commandos stuff

[edit] Links and such

These are some other cartoons and comics I like. You might like 'em too.

  • Bonus Stage - This is... just awesome. It's a cartoon about.... I'm not really sure. A bunch of people who live together and get into wacky antics. And make a lot of video game references. Trust me, it's hilarious. (Some adult material.)
  • The Legendary Lilypad - The famous Legendary Frog animations. I'm sure you've heard of at least the One Ring series, or maybe Ganondorf Returns. They're all very funny.
  • Zelda Comic - The adventures of Link and an eclectic group of companions on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda. One of the best sprite comics out there in my opinion.
  • Captain SNES - Yeah, another sprite comic. The story of the succesor to the legendary Captain N as he journeys through various gameworlds. This one manages to be both funny and dramatic at turns, and it's truly an epic story. (Contains adult material.)
  • Kingdom of Loathing - Not a comic or toon, but an awesome text based RPG. I really can't describe it except to say that there is always something new and hilarious to discover.

[edit] Conclusion

In conclusion, The Cheat is cooler than you. I never look at my talk page, but I'm on the forum every day doing the mod thing, so PM me there. Also, get Firefox.

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