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Hey H*Rfan222, I noticed you've been trying to make a sig. 'Cept that putting {{User:HRfan222}} in your sig box pastes your entire userpage everytime you sign, not just a little sig. You want to change that to point to {{User:HRfan222/sig}}, and create a page here. There you can made yourself a short sig, probably something like [[User:HRfan222|HRfan222]] [[User talk:HRfan222|(Talk}]] for a basic sig, or spruce it up however you want. Thanks. Thunderbird 12:43, 3 April 2006 (UTC)

Thanks. Wow, i had no idea. Well, I'll be sure to fix that everywhere I might have done that. Thanks again! HRfan222

[edit] Article Suggestions?

Hey everyone in the HR wiki. Does anyone have an article suggestion that you think I could do. I just need a few ideas! HRfan222 3:24 PM, 6 April 2006

Hey well, I shouldn't expect someone to give me a suggestion, but anyone? Anyone? Any ideas? HRfan222

At the moment, we really aren't in immediate need of any new articles. However, if you're really looking to get to work on something, may I recommend Category:Stubs? — Lapper (talk) 21:57, 16 April 2006 (UTC)
How about you check out HRWiki:Cleanup for some stuff that always needs doin'. Or, you can help fix-up Flashforward 2006 Seattle - 28 Feb 2006 in any way you see fit in the time remaining before it goes live on the main page. —BazookaJoe 22:05, 16 April 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, thanks. I didn't mean to sound lazy or anything, I had just run out of ideas. I'm on the recent changes squad and I'm working on thos. HRfan222

[edit] Web Screenshots

Hey I have a question... how do you take screenshots of a Homestar Runner toon? Is it a PC thing or what? HRfan222

Anyone? I know you're out there, people!!! HRfan222
Hello? I mean because a large amount of images are being uploaded and they look like web screenshots, and i don't know how to take pictures of homestar moments. If i'm crazy, tell me!!! Don't ignore me...hehe.HRfan222
Push the "print screen" button.--H*Bad 03:40, 18 July 2006 (UTC)
Huh? Sorry! HRfan222
Look above the section that has "insert", "home", "page up", etc there will be three buttons the first on is the "print scr" button.--H*Bad 03:44, 18 July 2006 (UTC)
Hey do you have a pc? I have a Mac and there's nothing like that here...HRfan222
I am using a PC. But there still should be one on your keyboard.--H*Bad 03:49, 18 July 2006 (UTC)
Oh i see what you're talking about. Above those buttons are F13,F14,and F15. The six buttons are help, home, page up, page down, end, and del (delete) HRfan222
The tool you need is Grab. This can be found in Applications/Utilities/ — Lapper (talk) 04:49, 18 July 2006 (UTC)
Cool, cool. I can't get it to work on just the homestar screen instead of my entire screen but ok cool cool. HRfan222
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