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[edit] Intro To My Talk

okay here is where I'm going to list a whole mess of secret pages, and some picture too.

[edit] Homestarrunner Glosssys

These two old timey pictures of strongbad and pom pom are found through a secret page that has no links to directly.

Pom Pom Glossy
Strongbad Glossy
an old-timey picture of Strongbad
an old-timey picture of Pom Pom
Homsar as SLASH!!!
Stinkoman as SPEED RACER!!!

[edit] Homslash

the image of homsar to the right is from the halloween '03 toon. when Homestar says "The Poopsmith, did you give me some bum candy?"

you can click the poopsmith and homsar dressed up as slsh from guns 'n roses will appear.

he then says "I'm open for translation."

I have no idea what that means.

you click on the poopsmiths head, to be precise, and its "interpritation", fool. i dont know what he means either, but i have two words for ya: TOP HAT! -Homsar7

[edit] Stinkoracer

the image of stinkoman to the right is also from the '03 halloween. when you get to give coach Z and Bubs a piece of candy click anywhere but on them or a piece of candy. stinkoman then appears in a speedracer costume. (to see somehting really funny, give him the akira.)

[edit] the 1st Homestarrunner Toon

this isn't really a secret, i just found the .mov source for the file

Homestar on the NES!

[edit] The Cheat is Not Dead

A short preview of the song The Cheat Is Dead can be found here:

The Cheat Is Not Dead

[edit] Limozeen Song

You can find a preview of a Limozeen song here


[edit] Yearbook

Someone's Yearbook a secret page on!

on marzipan's page, she's reading her book backwards!

[edit] the first flash Homestar toon

the original Homestar toon!!! that is the first ever .swf Homestarrunner toon!^

[edit] This is not the page

This is not the page to be putting all this stuff. All this should go on your user page (although most of it's listed already mentioned in the article Secret Pages and the rest are mentioned on the pages for wherever that particular thing is found. This page is just for other users to contact you and leave you messages. As you should have noticed, you will see a banner with the message "You have new messages" whenever someone besides you modifies this page. And all those images had to go. They wee duplicates of images we already had, so I went ahead and changed all the links for you. — User:ACupOfCoffee@ 19:59, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

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