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The legendary Tony Stony user page:


[edit] Me (screenshot from iMirror)

Don't you love me?

Extra points if you can ID every character part on this picture....

[edit] Friends of Tony Stony

The Question remains..."Do you love me?"
  1. CM (Captainmartin)
  2. Pertmywert (Talk·Edits)
  3. SBadiaRula
  4. Seriously 18:46, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

[edit] About The infamous Rock

A quick note on me. I'm more or less a noob and casual Wiki user/editor. If I do something that isn't supposed to be done, please don't get too angry at me. I love the concept of Wikis and would be glad to help in any project or idea that was given to me. In my spare time I enjoy prowling for Trolls and attempting to make minor helpful changes. I am very opinionated in almost anything Homestar Runner related, so my name will often appear frequently in argument on STUFF and the recent changes list.

[edit] Favorites in the Homestar Universe

Toon: Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Short: Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
TGS Episode: Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
SBEmail: (to date) long pants
Character: Tony Stony (what can I say? Self love.), Strong Mad, The Ugly One, The Poopsmith.

[edit] Commitee I am proud to be part of

Recent Changes Patrol

[edit] E-Mail?

Strong Bad: {singing} Eeee-maaaail don't you know I love ya?

Strong Bad: Well, Strong Bad, although I would like a "servent", and it is very nice of you to do this but-Wait what the hey?! That's the last time I let Strong Mad on this thing!

[edit] Contact me

While I will not give out any personal information per se, there are other means of contacting me.

AIM screenname: MunchKing42
Social Security Number: 443-90-0211

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