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Tenerence Love

This is Tenerence Love with the sweaty over weight jam... This is Tenerence Love with the sweaty over weight jam!


[edit] Welcome


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This user's favorite character is Homestar Runner.
Homsar's words of wisdom: "AaAaAa, the Yipiyuk bit my frontal lobe!"
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his user likes to splo stuff up.
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Hello, welcome to my user page! Well if you didn't notice already I am a new user, and a big fan of Homestar Runner. I discovered the site when I was young... I can't remember exactly, but if I remember correctly my older brother showed me Dangeresque, Drive-Thru, and alternate universe. Years later I rediscovered Homestar Runner (It was not getting updated anymore). My cell phone number is some numbers. The baby needs stuff. What's poison control? Punch Tompkins in the gut.

[edit] My Bottom 10

(I know this isn't original, but I need to fill up my user space.)

1. Google Sites.

2. Losing something and trying to find it.

3. People who must have attention. (Not like if they tripped and got hurt really bad. Attention for self centered needs.)

4. Going to bed with crumbs on the mattress.

5. Running in cold weather and your lungs hurt.

6. Awkward pauses in conversations where you need to think of something else to talk about.

7. When you are writing with pencil and you make a thin line that you think is hair and you try to brush it off.

8. Slow computers.

9. People who blast Hip-Hop music out of their truck.

10. Pop Music (You know electric music where there are only artificial instruments. You know the kind where the lyrics are meaningless? Those don't deserve to me called music.)

[edit] Interests

Well, I like to do the Jumble sometimes and — hey, wait! I enjoy programming with Visual Basic 2008. So far I'm working on an email system. I also enjoy composing music with FL Studio (Fish Lake Studio?). I also like riding at the BMX track. I'm now on The Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2! This is my user page for it.

[edit] Cool Articles

This is a list of articles that I created it was improved by many users though.

Stylized Text on Strong Bad's Computers

Strong Sad Cheering

Homestar Runner Without His Speech Impediment

[edit] The Wiki

Most of my work is improving images, finding typos, and checking annony edits. I would say that I visit Recent Changes about at least 5 times a day. Not like I got a whole lot else going on...mmm.

[edit] My Username

Well I used to be what-eez-it-stwong-bayad. But that name was to long. I wanted my username to be a character so I started searching for names that were already taken. Just about every quote, every character, and every place was taken. But then I went to the T section, and there was no Tenerence Love. Then I thought, "No one wants to be an overweight sweaty R&B singer?" Since that was just about the only character that wasn't taken, I chose that.

[edit] Favorite Moments

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Aaaaaaand can I get you gentlemen anything else?


[edit] Conclusion

STRONG BAD: Well, it can only go down from here, so... get out of my face.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {outside prancing around, singing} La-dee-la-da-da-da-da-da-da-doo-doo...

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