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"Words about a mystery!"

Occasionally, Homestar Runner will speak without his trademark rhotacism.

[edit] Appearances

  • A Jumping Jack Contest — He says "drank" without his speech impediment.
  • In Search of the Yello Dello — Homestar says "Marzipan's birthday" without his speech impediment.
  • Homestar Talker — Homestar pronounces his "R" correctly when he says, "are" and "marzipan".
  • First Time Here? — When Homestar talks in Spanish, his speech impediment is much lighter.
  • Email the show (DVD commentary) — Homestar says "Marshie" without his speech impediment.
  • Email anything — The first time Homestar says "Strong Bad", it is spoken without his usual speech impediment. The impediment returns for the rest of the email, however.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob (Easter egg) — Homestar mistakes Strong Bad's costume for El DeBarge, which he pronounces without his speech impediment.
  • Puppet Jam: Bad JokesPuppet Homestar Runner sings "girl" without his speech impediment.
  • Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities — Puppet Homestar Runner sings his finishing lyric "Take your powder" without his speech impediment. This may have been unintentional, as Matt Chapman then has Puppet Homestar say the word "powder" with the impediment, struggle to say it without, and then point out that he has "trouble with [his] Rs" (with impediment).
  • Puppets on the Road — Homestar, with great effort, says "girls" correctly. It hurts.
  • Email montage — Homestar, while singing the partying song at the end says "partying" without his impediment the first time.
  • Email boring (really) — Homestar says "three hundred" correctly, without his speech impediment.
  • Email high school — When Teenage Homestar sings, he has no trouble pronouncing his R's.
  • Email alternate universe — Homestar pronounces the word "fruit" correctly.
  • Email isp — When Homestar says the word "Internet" after he first answers Strong Bad's call, he speaks without his speech impediment.
  • I Killed Pom Pom (Easter egg) — Homestar, after coughing up marbles, speaks in a clearer voice without his impediment, frightening Strong Sad.
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