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Long time fan of, and of the wiki, though I have never tried to become a member before now. My username comes from the television show Sealab 2021, and more exactly, the episode entitled "Joy of Grief." Before getting all questiony about not having a H*R themed username, there is a connection with TBC and Sharko. The next episode, entitled "Sharko's Machine," featured the song The Knowledge Hat and Respek Knuckles, both of which were performed by Limozeen. I have been emailing strong bad about once every week since 2006 started, and I'm hoping to one day get one answered.

Me and everyone else on the site...

Anyway, my favorite sb emails in no particular order are probably

I'm also a big fan of the Teen Girl Squad toons, and pretty much everything with the exception of Marzipan Answering Machines. I really don't know why, I just can't get into them. I hope to contribute to the wiki in any way I'm needed in the coming weeks/months, and getting to know some of the users who have already worked to make this site as amazing as is is now.

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