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Hi there, I'm Saturn, and this is (quite obviously) my userpage. I mostly lurk about in the background and make the occasional small edit here and there, so don't expect to see me pop up too much. Whenever a new email or toon comes out I try to help out with the new stuff as much as possible though. I've been an H*R fan since 2003 when I first watched japanese cartoon, then I stumbled onto the Wiki somewhere around February '06 (I lurked for a few weeks before actually getting an account though).


[edit] About Me

Oh no, I'm a dumb animal character!
  • Name: Amanda
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: December 6
  • Location: West Virginia, USA (for now - don't be surprised if this changes soon! :D)

[edit] My favorite H*R stuff:

  • Character: Strong Sad, Coach Z
  • SBEmail: caffeine, virus, crying
  • Big Toons: A Folky Tale, Bug in Mouth Disease, Strongest Man in the World
  • Holiday Toons: Fall Float Parade
  • Puppet Stuff: Biz Cas Fri 2
  • Shorts: Experimental Film, Ballad of the Sneak

[edit] Some of my favorite quotes

More to come! :D

[edit] Emails I've sent to Strong Bad

If you ever see any of these on the site now you'll know who to blame for them :)

[edit] Why are you still reading this?

Anyway, while you're here, check out:

And remember, boys and girls, these important words to live by:

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