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[edit] About Me

Name: Polly.
Age: 16.
Gender: Girl.
Location: Hamilton, Ontario.
Electronic Mailing Address: (also MSN Messenger account).
Characters I'm Like: Strong Sad and Marzipan (or so I'm told).

[edit] Stuff I've Done

I have made over 400 edits, for the following causes:

  • Put a bunch of links into Interwiki link format.
    • H*R links to "HR:page".
    • Forum links to "Forum:##".
  • Plenty of "recent changes" patrolling.
  • Plenty of general edits, usually for spelling or to reword things.
  • STUFF participation.

[edit] Also

According to the Worshboard talk page, Thechamp believes that I am "not cool," but The Smoking Monkey disagrees.

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