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[edit] Long time, no edit

Been a long time guys...I am a year older and a bit less childish. I have this address, but forgot how to make a link at the moment. DeviantArt: check me out! No seriously, check me out.

[edit] About myself

Hay, I'm a Nerd, which is ok. 'cause I'm strong.

ROBOT SPEEK!!: Beep boo bop boo beeep reee beep bloop, Beep

[edit] Links and stuff

Favorite toon:

Favorite email:

Favorite character:

First SBemail ever sean:

I first saw it when the menue said um, "the scroll, the scroll, the buttons, the buttons, scroll'n so smooth like the butter on the muffin" I forgot which one it was, but I have been obsesed with it ever scince. (please correct spelling mistakes) PS. I first saw it at a friends house in 2002.

Favorite quote:

Homestar>"Homestarrunner dot net, IT'S DOT COM!"

[edit] My favorite users

[edit] NOTICE

Everything is up for discussion on my page, go ahead and talk all you want and encourage others to do so also. ==Okay, I would like to state my belief: homestar has telekenetic powers..and thank God he is too stupid to realize that. Take the email "no pants" for instance.

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