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[edit] Introduction

Hey guys! I'm a member over down towards the Fanstuff, and I do a lot of stuff there... OK... so maybe not a lot... but still! I decided I would also start really trying to help out here. So... yeah! I'll get right to it! - (=Pixelated=)

[edit] Stuff I'm Proud Of

  • Mike Chapman - Added that he went to Dunwoody High School. I learned this when I talked to him at the Rock and Reel Festival.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats - Added the fun fact that the Bazooka Joe comic originally came from a possible weekly feature that was never showcased. Once again, I learned this at the Rock and Reel Festival.
  • Fall Float Parade - Started the page and put it under "What's New" while the toon did not work.
  • Limozeen Live! - 8 Nov 2008 - Added the set list! It was an awesome show!

[edit] Paste Rock and Reel '05

I got TBC's autograph!

Taken from my trip report posted at

So, as you may or may not know, I did make it out to the Paste Rock and Reel '05 Fest to check out The Brothers Chap. And I got their autograph!! They were totally cool about everything and Matt even laughed at a crappy joke I told him. Now unfortuantely, my camera was out of battery and we couldn't buy a disposible camera, so sorry for lack of pictures.

Anyways, the big news that I learned was that the new DVD is coming out in 3-4 weeks according to them. They said it was going to be called "Everything Else Volume 1" It was going to have all the shorts, Teen Girl Squads, and Marzipan Answering Machines (but you probably already knew that...)

There was a lot of stuff that nobody had ever seen before. One of my favorites was the Bubzooka Comics. It made fun of all those horrible Bazooka Bubble Gum Comics. There was also a lot of puppet jams and Marzipan trying to sing the karaoke to Fhqwhgads. And they brought out the Homestar puppet and the never before seen in public Strong Bad puppet. I was lucky enough to ask Strong Bad an age old question:

{I raised my hand}

STRONG BAD: Yes you, glasses-man!

{Crowd laughs}

ME: How do you type with boxing gloves on?

STRONG BAD: AAAAAAH!! I'm going to frickin-... um... don't ever ask me that question again...

{Crowd laughs}

Also some stuff that you probably never saw before was a Powered by the Cheat music video of Grumblecakes. Also there were some Peasent Quest Video Trailer Outakes. They both were awexome and pwned!

So anyways, I had an all around good time. When they showed some classic Strong Bad emails, everybody started cracking up at some of the lamer jokes, and that was OK, because Homestar Runner is a whole lot better when it is enjoyed with 60 other fans around you. It was a lot of fun and laughs, so next time TBC is even remotely near you, buy tickets as soon as you can and make plans. It is probably the best thing ever... even better than beef stew!

[edit] Me and H*R

Introduction to the Website: My friend showed me dragon in November, 2003 at my other friend's birthday party.

Favorite Characters: Homestar Runner, 1-Up, The Cheat, Homsar, Strong Bad, Bubs, Stinkoman

H*R Merch:

  • Strong Bad Email DVD Disc 1-3
  • Strong Bad Sings

Favorite Quote: Yeah... yeah... you're prowbably wright (Homestar Runner - First Time Here)

Favorite Songs: Rock Opera, Strong Bad is a Bad Guy, The Geddup Noise Indietronic Remix, Partin' (Party Party Party), She Partied Without Dancing

[edit] Random Stuff 'bout Me

I'm 15 and still into HSR. Whoo!

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