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You gotta get yours, and I gotta get mine.

Homsar rules, yo.


[edit] Introducing Me!

AaAaAaAaAa! Hi, Snoop Dogg! I'm Fang, the driver of the band wagon! Jump on it! I've brought my left hand palmed! Pshoooo! Sure beats meeting up with me. Don't touch that dial! I'm just a common denominator! AaAaAaAaAa! AaAaAaAaAaAaAa! Think I won the Publisher's Clearinghouse!

[edit] Homestar Runner characters

Homestar, the man himself!
Holy Crap!
Strong Bad, Strongest of teh bads!

[edit] Hates

I hate that freakin' mushroom.
I hate that freakin' marshmallow.
That freakin' marshmallow. And Mellow Mushroom. That guy is wierd.

[edit] Favorite Homestar Runner characters

Senor Cardgage and Homsar.

[edit] Bye Bye

The Wingaling Dragon!

Adios, amigos! And don't forget, Trogdor RULES.

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