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I "AM" Nintendo crazy



[edit] Welcome to this word page!

Woah, it's me. It's also you. So hey! If you haven't guessed yet Im new...but I've been to enough fourms/sites to not act like a newb. (If I do, it is beacuse im getting used to the site.)

[edit] What I do in my free time.

Actauly, I do many things. Ofcourse, I want to see every homestar episode. I check the HR wiki almost every morning to see if their is anything new also! I also check out frequently. I can do a ok job at animated gif/gif, so if you want me to make a animated gif/gif for you, I can! Also, yes, I DO sing a email song when I check my email.

[edit] My "Username"

Yep, I AM a Mario fanatic. Im proud of it too. I also have a Wii, if you want me too add you to my friend list, tell me, I will!

[edit] My Big Contributions

  • Adding Topkinsrobotmomerson to the Names ending in -erson
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