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Hi. I'm Lotionman. You may have heard of me on origins. I'm a big fan of Homestar Runner.


[edit] I'm Back

You may have noticed that I have not edited ever since November 4. Well, I'm back. Some of you might not be happy. I know I have been doing lots of dumb stuff in the past, but now I'm going to try to be more carfeul on doing things. Oh, and happy Decemberween! I also made my own signature! -Lotionman

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[edit] Pictures I Made

Image: worldly record book.png Image: yodeling man.png Image: astronaut.png File:Shareholders.gif Image:Better An Ice Machine.png
On this picture, I worked with It's dot com and The Paper to make it.
Image: dolmerlay.png Image: reid.png Image: shield.png Image:harvaxxvii.png 150.px Image:stylizedpoopsmith.png Image:Better-1-Up.png Image:jjcpoopsmith.png Image:20051020 scetchbook potental hotgly ones.png Image:taranchulapeople.png Image:Homestarcorncrunch.png Image:qod dumple.png
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