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Greetings, one and everyone! Welcome to meeee. Littlllle. WonderrrrFiiiish. LittleWonderFish.

Hey, I'm getting okay at HTML! Finally! I'm a girl who bears a strikng resemblance to What's Her Face from TGS (the dark hair, un"popular"ity, way of attracting the romantic interest of annoying boys, often the baggy pants, the strange friends, magnetic forcefield with built-in possum attractor...oh wait, never mind). But also So and So's imaginary friends and unbelievably chipper outlook on life. I am nothing like Cheerleader. No. Basically, I'm a dork who has a good time making fun of anyone who is mean to me (so watch yout backs, hecklers). Oh, and I have wicked crane machine skills.


  • I've been following for eight million years (give or take). My brother showed me and my OTHER brother the site when I was, Eight? Nine? Well, a little person. I admit I was expecting the site to have a kid on a skateboard on the main page. Huh.
  • As you have obviously noticed, my username is LittleWonderFish. That's basically 'cause I like swimming, and Lake Erie happens to be one of my top 20 places in the universe. Not other lakes though. At my camp, we have a lake that we HAVE to take BORING and UNINFORMATIVE and NO-WORKY swim lessons in in the cold water first thing in the morning. After two years of this I have learned absolutely nothing. Hey, be glad, hecklers: the original idea was LadyWonderSquid.
  • If, when frequenting the internettzorz, you see someone with the username LittleWonderFish, TheWarnerSister, DmitraBlue, or The1928Girl, chances are that's me.
  • I love Marzipan (a snarky hippie with a considerable resistance to me!), Bubs (he's one shady, shady character), Strong Bad (he still has not answered my email, though), and Strong Sad (look how cute he is. Awwwww).
  • I am just a smidge too creative for my own good. I make my own earrings, knit, write, draw cartoons, and will someday be either the treasured gem at a greeting card company, or a cartoonist who makes very little money but makes people smile. At present however, I have absolutely no clue what to do for my Girl Scout project, and I'm pretty sure The Effects of Gasoline on Fire is not going to get me the Silver Award.
  • Basically what I do around here is do little nitpicky detaily things to existing articles. I've seen literally every toon on the site and will make little corrections that annoy the heck out of you. I'm sorry, folks, just doing my job as a kid with too much free time and a crazy-good memory.
  • Never say or type the phrase "16 cents" around me. I will make a loud gasp-squeak kind of sound and then repeat "16 CENTS?!!!" over and over. Sorry, it's about something I learned in history class and it has to do with monopolists and talk shows. Don't ask.
  • I can speak Homsar! If I met him on the street, I'd say "Why's down, Father Christmas? I'm the large flan at your flailed sense factory."

[edit] Top Ten Randomsillyjunk!!!

Quotes (in no particular order)

  • 14. "Judith is making me get a job at Shirt Folding Store."
  • 13. "Oh is that your liver? Well here's my fist!"
  • 12. "Do you see me as a one-legged puppy?"
  • 11. "The eagle is in the pantry!"
  • 10. "Explain to me how drowning them wouldn't ruin their date."
  • 9. "My brothers are GALACTICALLY INCAPABLE of friend-have."
  • 8. "Are you suggesting that my hat is inside my hat?"
  • 7. "Well, lucky for you, I got this previously owned box of chick'n beaks in just now! Like, right JUST NOW!"
  • 6. "Coach Z, are you accusing yourself of being the Thnikkaman?"
  • 5. "Stay outta my or-fice!" "EW! Please never say that again!"
  • 4. "Positate without pizzaz and jam!"
  • 3. "No way, Dog. No way, Bubs. My face doesn't know the meaning of unrecognizable clump!"
  • 2. "You see, Strong Bad? What the the luscious ladies really want is a guy that still has his face and head."
  • 1. "Corn is no place for a mighty warrior...!"

What the crap? That was fourteen! Eh. Whatever.

Shady Things Bubs has Done

  • 10. Burnt Exhibit A.
  • 9. Told Homestar he had no pancreas.
  • 8. Ran the Black market behind the Conscession Stand.
  • 7. Become an unlicsensed unlicsensed seller.
  • 6. Given one flavor of donut over a hundred names.
  • 5. Given Homestar questionable medical coverage.
  • 4. Tried to sell Exhibit B.
  • 3. Ended up in federal prison, then got time off for snitchy behavior.
  • 2. Shown the world just how terrifying he is when he's angry.
  • 1. Hung out with COACH Z!!!!! (cowers)

And despite it all, he still looks squishy and huggable. And he can dance!

Awesome Stuff Marzipan Has Done

  • 10. Stopped Coach Z from freestyling about his teeth.
  • 9. Worn combat boots AND a purple dressthing.
  • 8. Hit Strong Bad on the head with Carol.
  • 7. Written a peaceful protest song about wind and exploding heads.
  • 6. Drowned in the abyss and lived to say a serene outgoing answering machine message about it.
  • 5. Started a band because her boyfriend graffiti'd her wall.
  • 4. Entered Homestar in a pet show.
  • 3. Made her eyelashes visible/invisible at will.
  • 2. Survived a possible wolf attack...
  • 1. ...while glued to Homsar.

[edit] Strong Bad Email Ideas?

These are just some silly carp (yeah, you read that right) that I think should TOTALLY be in a SBemail.

  • Truth or Dare! (actually sent this email)
  • What were your childhood pets?
  • Have you ever made greeting cards?

[edit] 100 Grand Finale

Last thoughts. The most fabulosified things in the HR universe. The 100 is there just because...well, I like the candy bar. Got a problem?

  • Dangeresque. Particularly the SBCG4AP episode. "LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GONNA HAVE TO JUUUUMP!"
  • All of SBCG4AP. Particularly episodes 3 and 4. 5's ending was disappointing, but it was a great premise, and 1 and 2 were just getting warmed up. Second season, pleeeease!
  • Lowercase i's.
  • That song "The Cheat is Not Dead". When I was little I used to be obsessed with this song. Also "A Jorb Well Done".
  • Looney Tunes references. Man I love cartoons.
  • The DNA Evidence!
  • Gavin.
  • Carol.
  • The Show.
  • The museum. Check out those ice pops!
  • Cheat Commandos. Cheat Commandos...O's. Crack Stuntman. Silent Rip. Crackotage. The Topplegangers. The Ramshankle. Reynold. And Blue Laser Commander's Nana.
  • TROGDOOOORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! (dahn dahn dah, dunh dunh dah, dunh dunh dah danh duhn dahn duhn dah dah!)

See you rooouunnnndddd, Brown!

Iff'n you are not be's-ing the understandment of my weirdly ways, young grasshopper, kindly do not fear. Even I am not be's-ing the understandment somethetimes.

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