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Hello! I am ILuvHR! I don't really know what to say.

This page is still under construction.

As a not at all wise man once said, ' "Daaah, I'm a knock knock joke about jogging suits!" - Homsar


[edit] How I Found Homestar Runner Wiki

Well, one day I did an image search for all the Homestar Runner characters who have character videos. When I was looking for Coach Z, I found a picture that linked to his wiki page.
This is the picture I found.
After that, I started coming here everyday. And I didn't just watch things linked from the current site. I found deleted cartoons, too. I joined the site under the name "ILuvHR" on Thursday, July 22, 2010.

[edit] How I Found Homestar Runner (Period)

Testing, 123, Testing, 123. "Daaah, I'm a knock knock joke about jogging suits!" That was a text test. Onto my story! Well, one day, my Uncle Brent called my mom and said to check it out to see a picture of my cousin, Cole, dressed up as the bear holding a shark. I didn't find it until after a very long hiatus went by. It ended around the time Xeriouxly Forxe came out. The exact time it ended was on April 11, 2010, the day before Main Page 26 came out.

[edit] Orphaned Images

I saw that these images were previously not linked from anywhere on the wiki. I figured I'd give them a home.


[edit] The Stuff I Have Done on Homestar Runner Wiki

Click on links to look at my edits.

The 3D Teen Girl Squad Picture was DELETED!

[edit] Videlectrix Box Art

I love the Videlectrix box art. Here is all the existing box art.

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