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My name is Jason. I am 14 years old. my favorite color is purple. My e-mail Address is I live in cromwell, CT. I am in 9th Grade. I joined HRWIKI on december 24, 2007 at about 9:30am. my birthday is october 10th.

homsar and strongbad are my favorite characters, hence homsarstrongbad. the 150 stands for email 150:alternate universe, which is one of my favorites.


[edit] toons i like

first toons

  • i started watching H*R in 2006
  • my first toon ever was sbemail 146:pop-up
  • the second was in search of the yello-dello
  • third was sbemail 118:virus

my favorite sbemails in no particular order

  • 150:alternate universe
  • 118:virus
  • 123:origins
  • 128:rampage
  • 133:bottom 10
  • 146:pop-up
  • 20:spring cleaning
  • 200:Email Thunder
  • 100:flashback

[edit] who am i?

i see this everywhere, too, so i might as well post it

Which Homestar Runner character are you?

[edit] wiki-worthy ideas

if i ever notice something wiki-worthy, i'll post it here and someone else is free to take credit for the page, since i still can't put in all the details of a page with all the pics and everything other pages have. any page i make would be like this one, all text, no pix/gifs. pretty boring if the topic's not amazingly good so anyone will like plain text

the exact same - that puppet that looks a lot like puppet homestar. appearances:

  • strong badathlon (easter egg)
  • main page 25 (store)

dullard comics-a collective page of the dullard comics in order

i also think that all the pop-ups that lead to links, such as:

should be added to secret pages

they're in site components. nevermind

is there a single page on the release dates of every toon in order? there should be

[edit] other wiki accounts


anyone have any idea when it's back up please tell me!


raiku and dagoth run this wiki. the site is [1] or [2].

actually, sites one and 2 do't exist anymore. now it's here [3]

go here if you get sick of the restrictions of what you can and can't do on here. on ewiki, you can do whatever you want. no guidelines. no requirements, and no unfair sysops in any way, shape or form. unless i hate you......(i have power, that's right) >:) [evil smile]


the wiki user wiki. anyone who knows fanstuff user super sam will know this wiki because of how much super sam...runs it. the site is

[edit] coolest users list

y'know what? i see this everywhere else on the userpages, so i'll make one now!

User talk:Sam the Man Sam the Man - helped me when i started on hrwiki

Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png - he helped me with a couple of my simple questions, btw, i call him Q.

Acam30 - she's probably the only 14 year old other than me who likes seinfeld.

MichaelXX2 mail_icon.gif link_icon.gif - he made my new sig! i love it!!!!!

OptimisticFool - fixed the vandalization of this page

— Defender1031*Talk - he told me how to convert a bitmap into a .png. that counts for something, especially here where bitmap isn't accepted as a file type. also helps me a lot on IRC.

SuperfieldCreditUnion - SFCU, as i call him. we talked on irc for a while and we became friends.

Raiku - he's cool. i met him on irc and he's been nice to me. he even let me join his wiki and be a system administrator. does that rule, or what? his wiki is you people should check it out. right now it's him, me and mike. i keep telling deffy to join but he's being stubborn.  :P

nachobra - we've been buds on IRc. but i didn't know he even had an account on here. the big question now is...does cheesy (thecheese)

TheYellowDart(t/c) - we met on irc and then became friends on youtube. we both love pink floyd.

ALJ123456 - i plan to help him with wiki stuff. he's a very new user that reminds me of myself last year: doesn't know crap about a wiki.  :P

Homestar-Winner (talk) - irc buddy. met there and tried to out-smile each other. then i was kicked for excess flood. i liked talking to him there. he started real activity on the Hrwiki channel, in like the past week. next time, i'm gonna blow up jupiter. (tee hee)

HSB150Homsarstrongbad150Homestar Runner!! - i'm cool.

[edit] Coach B

it's actually a person that i know in school. see, there's this teacher in my school, Mrs. Sarnacki, and her nickname is B for some reason. some kids she worked with 28 years ago thought of it because they didn't like sarnakci. anyway, she's also a track & soccer coach at my school. pretty cool, huh? i only noticed when some girl that takes soccer after school said it "Is coach B here?" and i'm thinking 'coach B? Mrs Sarnacki's a coach.' so i found out yes, she is and I thought of current status instantly when the girl said it. then i'm thinking just as i'm typing this, ooh, let's put it on my page!

[edit] vandalized???

yes, it's true. once. but opti fixed it for me. thanks again!  :)

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